Arzum Göksu

Co-founder of Servicium responsible for Business and System Development, Arzum Göksu has over 25 years experience in finance sector.

Arzum started her career at Sümerbank in 1990 as Programming Engineer and took leadership role at the automation of banking applications. After working in Midlandbank as Manager, she joined Intertech and actively took Project Leader role for several banking projects. Arzum joined Anadolubank as System Development Manager and was the Leader of banking applications development team. In 2007, she left Anadolubank to establish Servicium.

Arzum holds Mathematic license degree from Middle East Technical University.

Cem Atik

Co-founder of Servicium, Cem Atik has over 30 years experience in Finance sector. ,

Cem has started his career as a Programmer at Pamukbank in 1986. He joined Software AG as Adabas/Natural Specialist. He worked in Information Technology (IT) of Demirbank as Head of Development and Head of IT and actively took part in the restructuring of IT. He left Demirbank for the foundation of a service company, ETC, and served as Coordinator at Gantek. After working as IT Group Head in Tekstilbank, Cem joined Anadolubank as Asistant General Manager and was responsible for the restructuring of IT department. In 2007, he left Anadolubank to establish Servicium.

Cem holds a Computer Programming degree from İstanbul University.

Selimcan Dalgıç

Co-founder of Servicium responsible for Technology, Selimcan Dalgıç has 20 years experience in Finance sector.

He has started his career at Infina Yazılım in 1999 as System Manager and Programming Specialist. He joined Tekstilbank as a Project Leader to set-up the security framework, IT operational risk management, management systems and policies. Then he joined Anadolubank as Distributed Systems and Network Managerand he led the team responsible for all the LAN and WAN networks and Intel based servers and clients. Selim has a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification. In 2007, he left Anadolubank to establish Servicium.

Selimcan holds Computer and Control Engineering degree from İstanbul Technical University.

Alper Uyar
Strategic Advisory

Alper Uyar has started his career in 1986 at İktisat Bank. He was on many senior executive roles in finance and banking sectors. After working as General Manager at Garanti Factoring and Aktif Leasing, Alper acted as Executive Board Member at Garanti Factoring and Doğuş Automotive. He worked as General Manager at FleetCorp and Turkish Factoring until 2006 and took part in the foundation of Servicium. Alper works as Strategic Advisor at Servicium.

Alper holds Political Science degree from Middle East Technical University and Economics degree from Bosphorus University.

Seda Tekin
Training and Consultancy

Seda Tekin has started her career as Computer Programmer at Turkish Airlines in 1986 and continued as Analyst Programmer at Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bank. She joined Demirbank as Analyst Programmer for the development of the new banking system and she was responsible for IT department until Demirbank acquisition by HSBC. Seda acted as Director responsible for Software Development and IT Group Head in HSBC and she led technological transformation programme. In 2012, she joined BNP Paribas Cardif Turkey as Assistant General Manager responsible for Technology, Information Security, Project Management and Business Processes and Executive Committee Member. Seda left BNP Parisbas Cardif in 2018 and has joined Servicium in order to provide training and consultancy in data protection/privacy area.

Seda holds Computer Programming degree from İstanbul University and Business Administration degree from Anadolu University.

Feyza Atik
Training and Consultancy

Feyza Atik has started her carreer as Analyst Programmer in Doğuş Holding in 1984 and continued a Computer Programmer in Imar Bank. She joined Iktisat Bank as Senior Computer Programmer and spent one year in Banque Internationale de Commerce in France in order to support main banking applications. She joined Demirbank for the development of the new banking system then she worked at Kentbank as Software Development Manager. After being Product Manager in ITD, she led Programme and Project Office in Benkar until/after the acquisition of Benkar by HSBC. She managed several departments in IT as Quality, Service and Finance Management, Operations and Corporate Support and IT Risk until she left HSBC in 2018. She has joined Servicium in 2018 to provide training and consultancy in the data protection/privacy area.

Feyza holds Computer Programming degree from Bosphorus University.

Serkan Seçer
Product and System Development Consultant

Serkan Seçer has started his career at Intertech in 1995 and assumed several team leadership positions for development and/or analysis of banking applications, risk management. He then worked as Alternative Distribution Channels Manager in the same institution. He joined Anadolubank as a consultant on the development of several treasury applications in IT. He has joined Servicium in 2007 and responsible for Product and System Development.

Serkan hold a Business Administration degree from Middle East Technical University.

Sevtap Acar
Senior Analyst/Consultant

Sevtap Acar has started her carreer as an assistant auditor at Pamukbank in 1992. She then hold different responsibilities in the same institution as assistant manager in Organisation, manager in Credit Risk. She joined Tekstilbank as a project leader responsible for banking applications. After working as banking applications team leader in Anadolubank, project leader in Denizbank and Credits team leader in Tekstilbank, she joined Servicium as a Senior Analyst/Consultant in 2017.

Sevtap hold Business Administration degree of Faculty of Economics and Adminisrative Sciences from Gazi University.