Software Development

Servicium, with the customer’s strategic needs in mind develops software applications. This may include different business lines, but developed applications will always serve customer needs and have the property of being user-friendly, tailor made and functional. Reliability and robustness of software applications are our primary concern. Servicium, with its team of experts and experience it has, is actively developing software products mainly for banking, financial leasing, factoring, insurance, health and etc. sectors. Other sectors that are not mentioned here can be dealt with whenever a demand arises.

Servicium develops user-friendly, robust and functional software, meeting various users' requirements with its customer-oriented service understanding and with the principle of providing solutions supporting customers' strategy. With its expert staff and banking being their main experience, Servicium is meeting software requirement of their customers including banking, financial leasing, factoring, insurance, health and other sectors.

Software development project stages:
  • Software requirements and anlysis
  • Software design
  • Software development
  • Application tests
  • Functional tests
  • Software implementation and user acceptance